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I’m a professional editor based in London, UK, specialising in business and non-fiction content.

Professional background

Before turning to freelance editing, I spent 20 years working for Zenith, a media agency, as a researcher, analyst, forecaster, writer and editor. As a manager in Zenith’s Global Intelligence department, I had responsibility for developing new forecasts and business reports from concept to finished product; these were sold to clients around the world including media companies, investment banks and academic institutions.

A large part of my role involved editing work written by non-native English speakers to render it in polished, professional business English, so I have considerable experience at this. If you’re writing in English as a second or third language, you’ll find me to be a helpful and sympathetic editor.

Education and training

I have a BA (Hons) degree in Chinese Studies and Social & Political Science from the University of Cambridge. Like many writers and editors, I’ve always been fascinated by languages in general, so my degree was a perfect fit for my interests. Not only did I have the opportunity to study modern Mandarin and classical Chinese, but I was also able to delve deeper into language acquisition and use through modules in developmental psychology and psycholinguistics on the social science side.

In addition, I have a diploma in mathematics from the Open University. A list of the modules I studied with the OU is available on request.

I’m a Professional Member of the CIEP, the professional body for editors and proofreaders in the UK, and I’ve taken the following training courses with them:

Proofreading 1: introduction
Proofreading 2: headway
Copy-editing 1: introduction
Copy-editing 2: headway
Copy-editing 3: progress
Editing Digital Content


I’m a passionate lover of recreational language learning. In addition to rusty Mandarin, I speak fluent French, reasonable German, and a smattering of Dutch, Italian and Czech. I’m currently attempting Icelandic, which is proving to be a bit tricky. If all things language-related appeal to you too, don’t forget to take a look at my language blog, where I ponder all sorts of ideas related to language and languages.

When I don’t have my head in a book or a language course, you’re most likely to find me on Discord, chatting about my favourite Icelandic musicians.


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Ready to work with me?

Please get in touch using the contact form. If you have a specific project in mind, then helpful things to mention at this stage include the type of document you’d like me to work on, the approximate word count and what sort of deadline you have. I’m also very happy to answer more general queries.
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