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If you hire me to proofread your document, I’ll check the following:

  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Layout
  • Page numbers and headings
  • Word, line, column and page breaks
  • Fonts and special characters
  • Consistency in styles
  • Line and word spaces
  • Illustrations and tables
  • The table of contents

At the proofreading stage, I won’t be doing any rephrasing of your text or adding or deleting things except where there is clearly an error to be fixed. It’ll simply be one final check to make sure your document is ready for publication. You’ll receive a marked-up file with my corrections and queries in your preferred format.

If you’d like more detailed help, you could consider my copy-editing service. Alternatively, you might prefer me to do a proof-edit.


Sometimes when clients approach an editor with a proofreading job, it turns out that the document isn’t quite ready for it yet, requiring more intervention than a simple proofread. Proof-editing is a kind of halfway house between proofreading and copy-editing and can be a particularly useful service if you need more than a proofread but don’t want a full edit.

If you’d like me to do some proof-editing for you, then as well as checking everything listed above, I’ll do a very light edit involving rephrasing your wording for clarity and consistency.

How do I work?

I proofread pdf documents using the appropriate mark-up tools. I can also
proofread in hard copy using the BS 5261C proof-correction marks.


I prefer to quote a fixed fee per job so that you know exactly what to expect. Typically, this will be based on a rate per thousand words of between £12 and £20. If you prefer, I’m also happy to provide a quote based on an hourly rate.

If your project requires a very fast turnaround time, the rate will be increased by 50%.

No job is too big or too small, but I do apply a minimum charge of £50 for any one-off piece of work. For projects costing over £1,000, I require a 20% deposit from first-time clients, with the balance due on delivery.

Ready to work with me?

Please get in touch using the contact form. If you have a specific project in mind, then helpful things to mention at this stage include the type of document you’d like me to work on, the approximate word count and what sort of deadline you have. I’m also very happy to answer more general queries.
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