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"I love you" in different languages
Eight fun language facts
According to the Ethnologue database, there are 7,139 living languages in the world today, but over half of the world’s...
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the letters A, B and C in block letters
How to sound more fluent when you aren’t
If you’ve ever tried learning a foreign language, how did you get on? When you started, what were you aiming...
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Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland with a rainbow
LGBTQ+ neologisms in Icelandic
Icelanders, as a rule, are very proud of their language. And why not? It’s fascinating. Icelandic is a North Germanic...
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pen lying across a crossword puzzle
Are there Chinese crossword puzzles?
The journalist Arthur Wynne is usually credited with having invented the modern crossword puzzle. His word-cross puzzle in the New...
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the Arc de Triomphe in Paris
A few fun French false friends
As I write this in early 2021, it seems unlikely I’ll be visiting France any time soon, more’s the pity....
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dog wearing fake nose and glasses
A Scots English word in disguise
Born and raised in Glasgow as I was, I’ve always been confident I could spot a Scots English word when...
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