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Whether your document needs a quick once-over, a light tweak or a full overhaul, I’m here to help. I offer editing and proofreading services tailored to suit your needs.


When your document has been written, edited and the layout has been designed, it’s almost ready for publication. It’ll just need one final check to make sure everything is as it should be. This is where the proofreader comes in – to catch any last-minute errors that have made it onto the page. Generally speaking, the proofreader should not be the same person as the copy-editor; a fresh pair of eyes is very important at this final stage.

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Copy-editing typically happens after the document has been written but before the designer or typesetter lays it out on the page. The editor acts as a bridge between the writer and the designer, correcting errors in the text and, if appropriate, indicating to the designer where the illustrations, tables and so on should go in the finished work.

Ready to work with me?

Please get in touch using the contact form. If you have a specific project in mind, then helpful things to mention at this stage include the type of document you’d like me to work on, the approximate word count and what sort of deadline you have. I’m also very happy to answer more general queries.
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    Anne Austin Freelance Editing Services

    The work she's done on our entire website is exceptionally remarkable. She perfectly understands what we need: correction of all text content and advice. It makes our site look very professional. We were very lucky to get Anne Austin for the editing of our website. Her experience and professionalism made a huge difference for our business. We highly recommend her for any type of project!

    Aristide Atto, Ma Nanny et Moi

    Anne was my first choice for getting my bachelor thesis proofread. She not only surprised me with the speed with which she was able to do the job, but was also incredibly helpful when it came to properly formatting my bibliography. I can't recommend her enough if you're in need of a second pair of eyes to check your writing!

    Emma Sophia, freelance animator

    Anne is a terrific proofreader, writer, editor, and publisher. She has exceptional English skills and is brilliant at transforming data and words into highly readable, well-written and engaging articles, papers, and reports. She has pulled together intelligence from across the world, synthesising it into published gems. She is super-intelligent, committed, loyal, and a thoroughly nice person. I could not recommend her more highly.

    Frank Harrison, Croft Analytics

    We have been working with Anne Austin Editing for three months now – and love it. Anne is collaborative – working with various members of our team to ensure the best piece of writing is produced. Her copy-editing insights are practical and her suggestions are well explained through real-world benefits. Being a start-up in a dynamic business sector, we need contractors who are fast, efficient and reliable – all traits Anne has shown plentifully. It is a pleasure working with her.

    Patrick Driscoll, CN-Bio